Trump Calls His Jan 6 Indictment Judge ‘Biased & Unfair’

( – Donald Trump is continuing to attack the District Judge overseeing the federal trial related to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election despite one of his supporters being arrested for threatening to kill her.

In a Truth Social post last Monday, Trump accused US District Judge Tanya Chutkan of being “highly partisan,” “biased,” and “unfair,” and claimed that she “wants me behind bars.” In a separate post, Trump quoted remarks Judge Chutkan made during the October 2022 sentencing of a January 6 defendant in which she described the people who rioted at the Capitol as being loyal, not to the Constitution, but to “one man” whom she noted “remains free to this day.”

Trump’s rant continued in another post in which he complained about special counsel Jack Smith accessing his Twitter account without notifying him.  The Associated Press reported last week that an Alvin, Texas woman had been charged with threatening to kill Judge Chutkan.

According to court records, Abigail Jo Shry, 43, called the Washington, DC federal courthouse on August 5 and left a message for Chutkan, warning the judge that she is “in our sights” and “we want to kill you.” Shry allegedly called Judge Chutkan the N-word and referred to her as a “slave” and told her that if Trump is not elected president in 2024, “we are coming to kill you.”

Shry also threatened to kill Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who is running for mayor of Houston. Shry faces one count of communicating a threat and was detained last Wednesday by a magistrate judge.

In an August 11 hearing in Washington, Judge Chutkan imposed a protective order that limits what evidence turned over by prosecutors Trump and his attorneys can publicly disclose. She warned Trump’s legal team that they are to mount their defense in the courtroom and not “on the internet.”

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