Trump Reveals Criteria and Teases VP Shortlist

( – In an interview on Sunday, Donald Trump once again teased a couple of names as possible running mates in the 2024 election, The Hill reported.

While appearing on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Trump was asked by host Maria Bartiromo when he planned to announce his choice for running mate in the upcoming presidential election.

The former president said he wasn’t planning to make his choice “for a while” but suggested that he had “so many great people” to choose from in the Republican Party.

When asked how he planned to make his selection, Trump said the top priority would be finding someone who would make a good president in case there was a “civil emergency” or something that would require the vice president to step into the role of president.

Trump reiterated that there were “a lot of good people” he could choose from, prompting Bartiromo to ask if he hadn’t already decided on his pick.

Trump said he had not yet made his choice, adding, “There’s no reason.”

He said that he had been speaking to “everybody” and admitted that most recently, he had spoken to South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Trump claimed to have called Senator Scott to let him know that the senator was a “much better candidate” for Trump than he was for himself. He said he told Senator Scott that while he was “fine,” his campaign was “very low-key.” But when Scott was defending Trump on the campaign trail last week, he was “sticking up for me and fighting for me,” Trump added.

Later in the interview, Trump also praised North Dakota Governor Kirsti Noem for how “incredible” she had been at “fighting” for him. He pointed out recent comments she made about not running against Donald Trump because she would never be able to beat him.

Another possible vice presidential candidate whose name has come up is New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. The moderate Republican has carved out a lane among Trump supporters for her staunch support of the former president.

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