Trump Says His Movement Is a “Major Threat to the Democrat Party”

Trump Says His Movement Is a

( – Former President Donald Trump slammed the New York Times (NYT) for publishing what he described as a “one-sided attack piece” about the number of refunds given to donors through the online platform WinRed.

Certainly not one to shy away from a fight, he threw a haymaker back at them, targeting their fear that the Conservative grassroots movement is a threat to their status quo and agenda. He said support for him has become a “major threat to the Democrat Party,” which is why the publication was so quick to defend its “Radical Left allies.”

The NYT article pointed out that on Trump’s donation page, the checkbox to make recurring donations defaults to “yes.” Meanwhile, it ignored that the Liberal counterpart, ActBlue, allows solicitors through their app to do the same thing. Further, the article glossed over the fact that both parties regularly return money to contributors who did not intend to give and that, as the president declared, “our overall dispute rate was less than 1%…”

The Leftists are pushing an agenda that could lead America to become a Socialist “Paradise,” and they desperately need to control the narrative to make it work. Perhaps they should be afraid of the backlash President Trump might bring to bear during the 2022 election cycle.

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