Trump Speaks After Tiger Woods Crash

Trump Speaks After Tiger Woods Crash

( – On the morning of February 23, 2021, golf legend Tiger Woods was seriously injured when he lost control of his SUV in Los Angeles County, CA. He drove off the edge of a cliff, and the vehicle rolled over several times.

Former President Donald Trump called into Fox News to discuss his friend, whom he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2019.

During the call, Trump mentioned the golfer’s recent back surgery to remove a disc fracture that was pinching a nerve. The former president said his friend had been on the road to recovery that would have allowed him to compete in tournaments a little later in 2021.

Woods underwent hours of surgery to repair two compound fractures in his right leg. Doctors inserted screws and pins to stabilize damaged bones in his foot and ankle. They also made an incision into the sheath surrounding leg muscles to relieve excessive swelling.

The county sheriff announced first responders found no indication of drug or alcohol impairment when they arrived at the scene, and authorities are not considering any criminal charges at this time.

We wish Tiger a speedy and full recovery and hope to see him on the course as quickly as possible.

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