Tucker Carlson Gets Slammed By Former Colleague Geraldo Rivera

(HorizonPost.com) – Geraldo Rivera, who recently quit Fox News after he was fired as a co-host of “The Five,” still hasn’t stopped attacking former Fox host Tucker Carlson.

In a tweet last Friday, Rivera said Carlson is just as “full of sh*t” about the war in Ukraine as he is about the January 6 riot at the Capitol. He said Carlson’s “smiley face” does not change the fact that Ukraine was invaded by Russia, that thousands, including women and children, have been killed, that the “world order” has been “assailed,” or that “Putin is a punk.”

In a video posted on Twitter on June 29, Rivera said he was quitting Fox News now that he was no longer a co-host on “The Five.”

A spokesperson for Fox News told CNN that the network had reached “an amicable conclusion” with Rivera and looked forward to “celebrating him” when he made his final Fox appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday, June 30.

A week before leaving the network, Rivera told the Associated Press that he was the one who decided to leave “The Five,” but added that the management at Fox didn’t beg him to return.

Rivera told the AP that at 80 years old, he no longer wanted “the friction,” and “The Five” tends to get “too personal.”

Initially, Rivera planned to remain at Fox as a “correspondent at large” until his contract expired in January 2025.

The former Fox liberal routinely criticized Tucker Carlson, even being briefly suspended from “The Five” after he called Carlson’s theories about the January 6 riot “bullsh*t.”

Rivera first joined Fox News after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be a war correspondent. In 2005, he began hosting “Geraldo at Large,” a news magazine show that ran until 2015. He became a regular contributor to other Fox News programs while also being a featured host on “The Five.”

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