Two Cops Commit Suicide, Leaving Baby Behind

Two Cops Commit Suicide, Leaving Baby Behind

( – Serving the public as a police officer is possibly one of the most challenging professions in America, where selfless men and women put their lives on the line every day to keep US citizens safe. As brave as they have to be at work, it doesn’t mean they don’t also deal with personal struggles, as evidenced by the dual suicides of two married Florida deputies just days apart. On January 4, Sheriff Ken Mascara announced the deaths of Deputy Clayton Osteen and Deputy Victoria Pacheco, who left behind a one-month-old newborn son in St. Lucie County.

Osteen died on January 2 after his family took him off life support following his attempted suicide, and his wife took her own life while processing her husband’s untimely death. Mascara stated the two were a “great compliment” to his department. Not only did Osteen serve on the police force, but he was also a Marine.

The sheriff went on to relay his hope the incident would help remove the stigma surrounding mental health and shed light on the need to ask for assistance.

A GoFundMe is active in raising money for the couple’s baby, although there’s no word as to his whereabouts in the wake of the tragedy.

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