Biden Bringing Back Obama Plan

Biden Bringing Back Obama Plan

( – President Joe Biden unveiled a massive infrastructure plan at the end of March that included a number of cumbersome regulations. Buried in his proposal is a section that would reinstate former President Barack Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program and disparate impact policies that Donald Trump eliminated while he was in office.

On April 13, the Office of Management and Budget posted a notice informing the public that Biden plans to reinstate two of Obama’s fair housing rules. The first is known as “disparate impact.” It would allow people to challenge a city’s rules they believe are negatively impacting minorities and other federally-protected groups. The other rule, AFFH, requires cities to actively eliminate policies that would prevent people from accessing affordable housing.

Critics of the rules have said they would destroy the suburbs by forcing cities to allow public housing in middle-class neighborhoods. Trump cited that concern when he ended the rule during his term. Now, Biden wants to bring it right back.

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