China Believed to Be Using Woke Politics Against America

China Believed to Be Using Woke Politics Against America

( – The vast majority of health experts agree that COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan province of China. That’s where the first reports of an outbreak came from. However, it seems as if the media wants to ignore that reality and one biotech entrepreneur believes that’s because of America’s woke politics.

On April 7, Vivek Ramaswamy told “Fox & Friends” it seems China is “uniquely off-limits” when it comes to discussions about the origins of the virus. He said plenty of other viruses, including Ebola and Zika, were named after places. Even the various strains of COVID-19 are referred to by the areas where they first popped up like the “UK strain, the South African strain” etc. For some reason though “Wuhan is off-limits.”

Ramaswamy believes the Chinese government is using the threat of racism as a geopolitical tool. He thinks the Communists are banking on the woke mob to defend them and that’s taking the spotlight off the atrocities the country is responsible for. He called it “laughable” to think that people are racist just because they point out the truth, but said Americans are being used as “pawns.” It was only a matter of time before the Chinese government figured out how to use the Left against us.

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