Nevada GOP Censures Secretary of State for Election Decision

Nevada GOP Censures Secretary of State for Election Decision

( – After the 2020 election, there were reportedly thousands of allegations of voter fraud in Nevada. Republicans say they gave the secretary of state four boxes of evidence to prove it, but she allegedly didn’t take the claims seriously. The state party has now taken action against her.

On Saturday, April 10, the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee voted 126-112 to censure Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske. The party said that she was censured because of the “intense dishonor her failures brought upon” the GOP. They also said they’d seen an increase in communications from voters who don’t believe they did anything to “ensure voter integrity.”

Cegavske pushed back on the claims and said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, which is why she didn’t investigate. The party didn’t back down. Jessica Hanson, the state GOP executive director, said the censure vote sends a message to Republican officials, letting them know they “must work for the people.”

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