Pelosi Pushing New Infrastructure Bill

Pelosi Pushing New Infrastructure Bill

( – President Biden is facing heavy GOP pushback against the eye-watering price tag of his “infrastructure” plans, but the Dem majority in the House still plans to push it through as fast as possible. That was the message from the House leadership last Thursday.

On April 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that she plans to have Biden’s massive $2-trillion spending bill approved by August – and sooner if she can. Many Republican lawmakers are worried about the massive additional debt it will pile on the country, while others don’t like the fact a so-called ”infrastructure” bill includes billions in social spending. The fact Biden wants to pay for it by slamming businesses with a huge tax increase – which ordinary Americans will end up paying – isn’t too popular either.

Pelosi claims she wants bipartisan support for the bill, but she’s already scheming on how to ram it through the Senate without Republican help. The left wing of the Democratic Party is determined to massively expand government handouts, so expect them to push hard on this spending bill.

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