US Bomber Shifts China’s Perspective

( – In an op-ed at Fox News Digital, IRIS Independent Research president Rebecca Grant argued that the reason China’s President Xi Jinping agreed to reopen military communication with the United States and hold talks on the military applications of artificial intelligence while meeting with President Biden in San Francisco was due in part due to the US Air Force’s new stealth bomber.

Just days before the start of the APEC summit in San Francisco, the latest B-21 Raider stealth bomber took its first test flight in Palmdale, California.

The US Air Force plans to build 100 of these next-generation bombers, which are similar in design to the B-2 Spirit but incorporate advanced stealth technology, materials, and propulsion making them more survivable in a future conflict.

According to Ann Stefanek, the spokeswoman for the Air Force, the B-21 Raider’s test flight was a critical step in creating “survivable, long-range, penetrating, strike capabilities” that can deter attacks against the US and its allies and partners.

The stealth bomber is the first new US bomber in over 30 years. The Air Force and manufacturer Northrop Grumman have kept nearly every aspect of the program classified to prevent China from obtaining the technology.

The introduction of the B-21 Raider is part of the Defense Department’s efforts to modernize the nuclear triad to meet China’s rapidly modernizing military, which also includes new submarine- and silo-launched nuclear ballistic missiles and warheads.

While meeting at the APEC summit in San Francisco, Biden and Xi reached an agreement to restart military-to-military communications between the US and China, according to the Associated Press.

President Biden also revealed that the United States and China would engage in talks about artificial intelligence, with experts from both countries meeting to “discuss risk and safety issues.”

In her op-ed, Grant maintained that President Xi is aware of the threat posed by the B-21 Raider which is likely why he has agreed to resume military talks with the US.

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