US Closing Down Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died

US Closing Down Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died

( – Jails are never a fun place to be, but they should at least provide a safe shelter for criminals or those awaiting trial. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for one specific facility. United States District Court Judge Colleen McMahon said the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan, New York, and its counterpart in Brooklyn were “run by morons.” Conditions are so poor at the MCC that the Justice Department recently announced the facility would be closing — at least temporarily — while the federal corrections bureau handles the issues.

The MCC held convicted pedophile/billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on charges of trafficking girls as young as 14 years of age. His death at the correctional facility in August 2019 brought teams of investigators that couldn’t help but see the problems at the facility, which may have played a part in its closure.

The conditions faced by the prisoners included moldy ceilings, as well as mouse and rat droppings in the living areas. Bathroom facilities continually leaked water and were occasionally covered in urine and feces. During the COVID-19 pandemic, precautions were impossible to maintain because the staff could not consistently supply facemasks or soap to fill dispensers.

This announcement comes several weeks after Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Lisa Monaco toured the prison and got a firsthand look at the mess.

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