US Forces Help Victims in Haiti After Disaster

US Launches Search and Rescue Effort in Haiti

( – On Saturday, August 14, a major 7.2-magnitude earthquake hammered the southern peninsula of the island nation of Haiti. It caused widespread destruction, and then an already struggling population had to suffer through drenching rain while tropical storm Grace passed over.

To help, the Pentagon’s Joint Task Force-Haiti sent eight helicopters to help with search and rescue. They were joined by the amphibious warship USS Arlington and several Coast Guard cutters which showed up with supplies and more hands to help. Unfortunately, the mostly rural nature of the area and the damage to infrastructure including roads, made access difficult and hampered efforts. These obstacles have caused some understandable anger from people anxious for help, including things as simple as tarps to provide some measure of shelter.

According to the latest updates, at least 2,189 people have died with more than 12,000 injured. Continuing with the grim statistics, the earthquake destroyed more than 7,000 homes. More than 12,000 sustained damage, leaving an estimated 30,000 families homeless.

The US government is not alone in its efforts to help the people in such dire straits. The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy sent the RFA Wave Knight as a mobile landing pad for American helicopters. Private charities have also mobilized in the effort to help including Convoy of Hope which has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

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