US General Relieved of Duties After Tragic Accident

US General Relieved of Duties After Tragic Accident

( – Being a member of the United States military forces brings a certain amount of inherent risk with it. That men and women will get injured or die is a foregone conclusion. However, when poor training techniques and poorly maintained equipment cause those casualties, the officers in command will frequently find themselves out of work, as is the case here.

United States Marine Corps (USMC) Maj. Gen. (2-star) Robert F. Castellvi has been relieved of all duties for an incident during a training exercise that claimed the lives of eight Marines and one US Navy sailor on July 30, 2020. An armored assault vehicle (AAV) — essentially a buoyant tank — began to take on water, leading to transmission failure. As a result, when the vehicle’s commander called for help, there were no rescue boats in the water.

Help finally arrived in the form of another AAV. But when marines opened the hatch on top of the first vehicle for personnel on board to escape, things went disastrously wrong. The two tanks collided, turning the compromised unit parallel to the waves and allowing the ocean to spill in, sending the AAV to the ocean floor.

The Marine Corps has not dismissed general, but this sort of action typically means he’ll never receive promotions or hold any kind of command position in the field again.

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