US Launches Airstrike Against Extremists in Somalia

US Launches Airstrike Against Extremists in Somalia

( – Former President Donald Trump took the threat of ISIS-linked fighters in Somalia very seriously. The military launched multiple attacks on al-Shabaab strongholds while he was in office. When President Joe Biden took over, that stopped — until this week.

On Tuesday, July 20, the Pentagon confirmed US forces launched an airstrike in Somalia for the first time in six months. According to officials, the strike took place near Galkayo. Defense Department spokesperson Cindi King told the media that American forces were on an “‘advise and assist’ mission in support of designated Somali partner forces.” However, she explained no US soldiers were accompanying the ally’s forces in the region.

The airstrike is notable because of how long it took for one to occur in the region. Al-Shabaab is a dangerous terrorist organization that has attacked American troops and expanded its presence in Somalia. The Biden administration has further complicated the fight against the terrorist group by requiring the military to receive White House approval before carrying out drone attacks — something the military reportedly didn’t do this time.

The recent airstrike might be a sign the military is taking the threat seriously. Without a statement from Biden, though, it’s still unclear what he will do moving forward.

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