US Official Warns of ISIS Resurgence

US Official Warns of ISIS Resurgence

( – The attack on the twin towers in Manhattan on September 11, 2001, highlighted the fact even the United States faces a constant threat from terrorist groups. While the US presence in Afghanistan over the past 20 years may have weakened some extremist activities, American troops are no longer present. Now, US intelligence shows the radical organization ISIS-K may have the strength to attack the US “somewhere between 6 or 12 months.”

However, they aren’t the only threat. According to Undersecretary of Defense Colin Kahl, al-Qaeda could also have those same capabilities within a year or two. He went on to say there’s “considerable evidence” both terror organizations intend to attack the United States.

ISIS-K is responsible for killing 13 US troops and 169 Afghans outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 26. In May, the group killed more than 50 people and wounded over 150 when they targeted a girl’s school in Kabul. In October, the radicals also sent suicide bombers to Shiite mosques in Kandahar and Kunduz, and each of these attacks killed and injured dozens of people. These are just a few examples that show the extremists’ increased activity.

Although the terror group doesn’t pose an immediate threat to the United States, Kahl warns America must take the possibility seriously and prepare accordingly.

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