U.S. Unveils New $86 Million Plan for Immigrants

Joe Biden Spends $86 Million on Hotel Rooms for Immigrants

(HorizonPost.com) – President Joe Biden’s acting director of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Tae Johnson, has been authorized to enter into an $86.9-million contract with the Texas nonprofit Endeavors. This six-month contract would pay for border officials to house about 1,200 migrants in hotel rooms. The money is aimed at effectively opening a pipeline to allow immigrants access to America’s interior.

Newsmax published an article dated March 21, indicating the actual use will be more of an office setting with staff providing COVID-19 tests. They could release the migrants in as few as six hours if they have complete paperwork and transportation arranged.

A second story on lawofficer.com confirms the essentials in the first article and added that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) authorized another $110 million to “local nonprofit, faith-based, and governmental entities” to provide food, lodging and other amenities.

These are American tax dollars going to people who decide to break the law and forgo the immigration process, and while they’re most likely in need, there are plenty of Americans facing the same problem. Consider these numbers:

  • Feeding America – $1 donation = 12 pounds of food procured and delivered.
  • Strong Towns (2019) – $39 one time/$15 yearly per resident to house and feed 2,800 homeless in Santa Clara County, California.

How far would $200 million carry them?

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