Virginia Giuffre’s Father Accuses Prince Andrew of Cowardice

Virginia Giuffre's Father Accuses Prince Andrew of Cowardice

( – Court documents filed by Prince Andrew’s lawyers on January 26 show him trying to have his sexual abuse case thrown out of court. The documents point to alleged consent by Virginia Giuffre and statute of limitations laws among the reasons to dismiss the case, but the victim’s father stated the Duke of York is just a “coward.” Instead of owning up to his misdeeds and facing his accuser, Giuffre’s dad said he’s not only blaming the victim but “playing a game” he’s likely to lose.

Giuffre alleges the prince forced her into sex acts on three separate occasions at the tender age of 17, after Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her to England, New York, and the Virgin Islands.

Her attorneys stated they look forward to “confronting Prince Andrew” and addressing his attempts to blame the alleged victim for her abuse. They believe he’ll appear in New York to deny any wrongdoings.

Instead of facing only a judge for the charges against him, the royal requested a jury trial. Some experts believe the move was in an effort to control the evidence, which is difficult to hide from a judge, but easier to dismiss during a jury trial.

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