War Memorial Vandalized With Graffiti

War Memorial Vandalized With Graffiti

(HorizonPost.com) – On November 11, Canada celebrates Remembrance Day to honor its fallen heroes, similar to Veteran’s Day in America. On the morning of the symbolic day in British Columbia, someone noticed graffiti across one of Cranbrook’s sacred war memorials. The writing that defaced the Cenotaph read, “The real heroes are the vaccinated!”

It appears that in this case, the growing contempt between the vaccinated and unvaccinated went too far. However, the vandal’s attempt to claim the vaccinated as heroes did not ruin the day’s sentiment for the people who live there.

When members of the city found out about the desecration, they rushed to the scene with police and firefighters to clean the monument before people gathered for the parade that morning. The city of Cranbrook responded to the incident by expressing their disappointment that someone would go to such lengths as to disrespect the real heroes who gave their lives for their country.

Fortunately, the community’s efforts to restore the memorial were a success and the events of the day went on without a hitch.

Authorities are collecting security footage from the area and collecting tips from the public in hopes of catching the responsible perpetrator and exacting justice.

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