Washington Post Rips White House for Claims About Defunding Police

Washington Post Rips White House for Claims About Defunding Police

(HorizonPost.com) – The White House is supposed to be an institution of truth and light. While its main role is always to uphold the interests of the current commander-in-chief, it also has a responsibility to respect the Constitution and the American people by refraining from making false statements. According to the Washington Post, that simply isn’t what’s happening under the Biden administration.

The media outlet’s fact-checker column recently slammed the White House for claiming it was Republicans who voted in favor of the Liberal movement to defund police. They gave the claim “three Pinocchios” out of a total possible four, accusing them of shifting the blame.

Here’s the problem: This claim simply isn’t in any way true. There is no evidence to show that either Republicans or Democrats have “voted” to defund anything as of the time the WaPo article was written.

So, how did the claim start? President Biden’s senior advisor, Cedric L. Richmond, told the hosts of Fox News Sunday that Republicans refused to support the Democrats’ emergency relief bill back in 2020. While it did contain an influx of cash for strapped police departments, it’s a massive reach to correlate the denial of new, supplemental funding with support for defunding the police.

The White House’s dark and twisty manipulation of this issue just shows how quick they are to shift the blame on hot topics. It’s also a great representation of the rapidly widening gap between the Left and the Right.

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