Watch Grenade Land Inside Russian Tank

( – Videos have been circulating on social media showing just how well Ukraine is doing against Russian tanks. While the usual “snuff” videos are too sensitive for some viewers, Ukraine’s successful offensive allegedly provides propagandistic fodder for Western allies to chew on.

So the most recent popular video allegedly coming from Ukraine shows an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dropping an RGT-27S2 thermobaric grenade into the top of a Russian MT-LBM 6MB vehicle, according to a report by the defense and nationals security website 19FortyFive. It is unclear if there were any operators in the tank. 

The latest news comes as Ukraine is ramping up efforts to make sure that no damaged tank is returned to the Kremlin for future use. The grenade used was designed specifically to clear out spaces. Upon impact, temperatures can reach up to 5,4000 degrees Fahrenheit. The impact is performed in two steps. First, its detonation emits a smokey substance into the air, and then, secondly, a second charge is detonated which releases aerosol. 

The grenades were reportedly revealed by Artem State Enterprise after being displayed at a showcase in 2017. Former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov had boasted that the weapon was specifically designed in Ukraine and that there were not many other countries in the world with the technology to develop thermobaric ammunition. 

But Russia also owns these types of weapons and had already used them against Ukrainian troops in the Donbas region before its invasion last year. 

The West is fully backing Ukraine in this war, but the United States reportedly leads the rest of the world. According to the Ukrainian government, the U.S. has provided them with $196 billion in total military, financial, and humanitarian aid from January to November 2022. This does not include the additional $45 billion approved by Congress in December. 

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