Organized CRIME WAVE – $400 Million STOLEN

Target Reports $400 Million Stolen
Target Reports $400 Million Stolen ( – The “five finger discount” is something retailers have had to deal with since, well, the existence of stores really. However, things have gotten much worse. In a recent earnings call for Target, the company reported a $400 million hit to their profit so far in 2022, expecting it […]


Top Democrats Join Pelosi in Stepping Down
Top Democrats Join Pelosi in Stepping Down ( – With the Republican Party taking over the majority position in the House of Representatives in January, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) stint as Speaker of the House will come to an end. However, she has gone beyond that and announced she will be stepping down from her […]

Trump Makes HUGE Promise – This Could Change Everything!

Trump's Promise: No More Dependence on China
Trump’s Promise: No More Dependence on China ( – On November 15, former President Donald Trump officially announced he was launching a campaign to reclaim the White House in 2024. During his press conference from his Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, he promised to take on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and its influence over […]

World Leaders CLASH – Caught on Camera!

World Leaders Clash in Tense Meeting
World Leaders Clash in Tense Meeting ( – The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has become increasingly aggressive over recent years over the status of Taiwan and the South China Sea in general. A brief encounter caught on camera between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau could be taken as […]

Predator CHARGES – Hollywood Icon Named!

Disgraced Hollywood Star Facing 7 More Charges
Disgraced Hollywood Star Facing 7 More Charges ( – In 2017, actor Kevin Spacey’s world started crashing down when Anthony Rapp came forward, alleging Spacey had attacked him in 1986. Since then, more people have levied accusations against the “House of Cards” star, and authorities have filed several charges against him. Now, the Criminal Prosecution […]

Violent Protester FINALLY Learns Her Fate

Violent Protester Sentenced for Targeting Police
Violent Protester Sentenced for Targeting Police ( – Following the death of George Floyd at the hand of Minneapolis police officers in 2020, riots broke out across the country. Some of those took place in New York City, and they got quite violent. Now, one woman who took her aggression out on the police is […]

Trump Family Member BAILS – A Sudden Pull Out!

Ivanka Trump Won't Be Helping Her Father This Round
Ivanka Trump Won’t Be Helping Her Father This Round ( – When former President Donald Trump ran for office in 2016 and again in 2020, his entire family was by his side, including his daughter Ivanka, who played a pivotal role in advising him throughout his presidency. On November 15, Trump announced he was running […]

Thanksgiving Record SHATTERED? Watch Your Wallet!

Gas Prices Projected to Rise Over Thanksgiving
Gas Prices Set to Break Previous Thanksgiving Record ( – Gas prices have been a burden on Americans’ wallets for quite some time now. While the cost per gallon has slowly been trickling down over the last month, they will still be relatively high come Thanksgiving. This could be bad news for those traveling for […]

Secret ARMS SHIPMENT Busted – U.S. Military Intervenes!

US Navy Busts Fishing Vessel Carrying Iranian Missiles
US Navy Busts Fishing Vessel Carrying Materials for Iranian Missiles ( – The US Navy has a very significant job patrolling and protecting international waters. These patrols serve as a deterrent, but sailors also actively seek out bad actors. This month, the US Naval Forces 5th Fleet made quite the seizure. On November 8, in […]

Climate Activists ATTACK – Here’s Their Newest Target!

Climate Terrorists Strike Again
Climate Change Activists Attack Another Priceless Work of Art ( – There are a number of ways for activists to gain attention for their causes. However, most would agree that destroying, or attempting to destroy, valuable works of art is not the way to go. That hasn’t stopped members of the activist group Last Generation […]

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