White House Official Steps Down After Disturbing Allegations

White House Official Steps Down After Disturbing Allegations

(HorizonPost.com) – On January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden vowed to fire anyone in his staff “on the spot” if they treated another person with disrespect. However, when White House Science adviser, Eric Lander, was accused of bullying his staff, the administration member quit instead.

The top aide wrote in a resignation letter on February 7 how devastated he was about causing his colleagues any harm through his words. Fourteen of about 140 staff members alleged Lander fostered a toxic environment for them through yelling and humiliation.

After a two-month investigation uncovered “credible evidence” of disrespectful behavior with staff and other leadership, Lander felt he could not go on effectively in his job. The president reportedly did not call for the adviser’s resignation. He stepped down on his own and thanked the administration for his position in the White House, appearing to realize how poorly his behavior reflects on the president.

Lander will stay in his current position until February 18 to ensure a smooth transition for his successor, although there’s no word yet on who Biden will choose to replace him as top science adviser.

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