White House Trying To Link Jewish Hate Crimes To White Supremacy

(HorizonPost.com) – 97% of crimes against Jews, according to a new report by Americans Against Antisemitism, were committed by other minorities.

Stella Escobedo of One America discussed the report with Rabbi Yaakov Menken, managing director of Coalition for Jewish Values.

Escobedo noted in her video report that Whoopi Goldberg apologized after repeating Holocaust-related remarks stating that it was a white-on-white crime.

During a recent interview with a British newspaper, Goldberg stated that she attempted to convey to the reporter what she had said and recount the incident. She stated that she never intended to appear to be doubling down on her white-on-white crime remark.

Escobedo also mentioned that Google issued an apology after one of its search results contained an offensive definition of Jews.

Escobedo explained in the video report that the FBI and NYPD collect and report on anti-Jewish hate crimes, but their data is limited due to the increase in anti-semitic crimes.

Americans against anti-new Semitism’s report on hate crimes indicates that 94 percent of anti-Jewish assaults in New York City from 2018 to 2022 were perpetrated by other minorities against Orthodox Jews. However, the problem is being ignored.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken, the executive director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, was interviewed by Escobedo. She questioned Menken why the FBI and NYPD do not report all hate crimes against Jews.

Menken explained that Americans against anti-Semitism were tasked with breaking the Jewish community into its subsegments. Menken explained the FBI and NYPD could not be expected to do so.

Visibly identifiable Jews are a more significant target than other Jewish community members. Menken stated that when you wear a black yarmulka, a black hat, and a suit at all hours of the day and night, as he does, your appearance is altered. With their side curls and long coats, it is evident that Hasidic individuals are Jewish. Unsurprisingly, antisemites typically target Jews they can identify.
Menken said that Ninety-seven percent of the attacks are perpetrated by minorities, while far too many on the left, including the White House, continue to attempt to link anti-Semitism to white supremacy.

If it’s about white supremacy, why are non-whites responsible for 97% of the attacks?

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