Woman Accused of Spouting Anti-Semitic Comments at Children

Woman Accused of Spouting Anti-Semitic Comments at Children

(HorizonPost.com) – The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is reportedly on the hunt for a woman in Brooklyn. On January 14, she allegedly approached a group of three Jewish children, spit on them, and told them they should have died at the hands of Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust.

According to reports, she then threatened to kill the kids, letting them know she knew where they lived. One of the children was just eight years old. Luckily, the incident was caught on video, and the NYPD is asking for anyone with information about the woman to come forward.

The interaction took place in front of 4017 Avenue P in Brooklyn, New York, around lunchtime. Police want to arrest her on charges of aggravated harassment for her hateful attack on innocent minors.

The woman appeared to approach the children without prompting and allegedly spouted her hurtful rhetoric, and then quickly turned around and walked away. She was wearing a burnt orange top, navy blue bag and black leggings. The NYPD is asking for anyone with knowledge of the woman or the incident to contact them through their anonymous tipline or via direct message on Twitter to help bring this accused anti-Semitic person to justice.

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