Woman Admits Role in Horrifying Crimes

Woman Admits Role in Horrifying Crimes

(HorizonPost.com) – Louisiana police arrested former teacher Cynthia Perkins and ex-deputy sheriff Dennis Perkins in 2019 for a litany of sex crimes against children. On February 14, the wife pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, child pornography and mingling of harmful substances for mixing her husband’s sperm into cake batter and feeding it to her students at Westside Junior High School.

The prosecution dismissed 68 charges against her in exchange for her testimony against Mr. Perkins for his part in the crimes. Prosecutors accepted her plea, and the judge sentenced her to 41 years in prison without the possibility of parole. She also gave up her right to appeal the verdict.

Ms. Perkins claimed her husband manipulated her to commit the crimes and that she wasn’t comfortable committing them. Meanwhile, her attorney said he is the “real monster.” Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry released a statement saying the plea deal was in the best interest of the victims, in this case, sparing them the inevitable pain of reliving their trauma during a trial.

Mr. Perkins will face the court in May for the 150 criminal charges against him, including sexual battery of a child, production of child pornography, rape and voyeurism. In the meantime, he maintains his innocence.

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