Woman Files Lawsuit Over DC COVID Restrictions

Woman Files Lawsuit Against DC COVID Restrictions

(HorizonPost.com) – Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser mandated and enforced ever-changing and confusing COVID-19 pandemic public interaction rules in Washington, DC, over the last 15 months. Her most recent order, signed on April 26, loosened many social-distancing requirements. Yet, for the first time, it took direct aim at a long-standing tradition, declaring that “standing and dancing at [wedding] receptions are not allowed.”

Margaret Appleby waited through this trying period to marry her fiancé and booked a venue for a June 6 celebration, adhering to all restrictions in place, including mask and social distance protocols for dancing. Then, she was informed that the new order would prevent “cutting a rug” at the reception, but one factor caused her to seek help to file a lawsuit — inequality.

According to the lawsuit, the order violates her First Amendment rights because it singles out wedding receptions. Conversely, Zumba classes, traditional dance studios, and even exotic dancers venues, where performers mingle with guests, all may operate unimpeded. The complaint uses several precedents to show that the mayor’s actions violate constitutional protections without adequate reason.

It looks like the bride-to-be has grounds and standing, but will the decision come down in time for her to dance at her own wedding?

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