Woman Takes Legal Action Against Boyfriend for Unusual Reason

Woman Takes Legal Action Against Boyfriend for Unusual Reason

(HorizonPost.com) – In a world full of litigation that seems to permeate every corner of society, it’s no surprise that it extends into people’s love lives as well. In 2020, Gertrude Ngoma from Ndola, Zambia, took her long-time companion Herbert Salaliki to court for quite the strange reason — he neglected to propose to her in the eight years they were together. The woman thought by involving the courts, she could force her boyfriend to honor his promise and commit to her once and for all.

Although the court broke the news to Ngoma that there was nothing they could do to help her, they suggested she bring a different kind of suit against him — breach of contract. That’s because when they began dating, Salaliki paid her parents a dowry and promised he would take care of her, implying his intent for the two to wed.

While it might seem strange to some, the case may have merit. Even in the US, there are laws in eight states where an individual can sue for breach of a promise to marry. Known as the Heart Balm law, the plaintiff can seek damages from anticipated financial losses, pain and suffering and loss of expected benefits. People living in states that abolished this law could still sue for fraud for failing to fulfill a promise of marriage.

There’s no word on whether Ngoma took the judge’s advice, but the real question is: Even if she could bring a suit, should she?

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