Zoo Officials Ban Woman Over Her Relationship With Chimp

Zoo Officials Ban Woman Over Her Relationship With Chimp

(HorizonPost.com) – Adie Timmermans had a standing date every week at a zoo in Antwerp, Belgium, and she apparently fell hard for her fella. Unfortunately, the one she went bananas over wasn’t just any old Tom, Dick or Harry. His name is Chita; he’s 38 years old and seems to have loads of animal magnetism… probably because he’s a chimpanzee.

She’s visited his enclosure for the past four years, but zoo officials finally took action and banned her from the park, deeming it an unhealthy relationship for the chimp. Simians are, of course, well-known swingers, and Timmermans’ claim that “I love that animal and he loves me” wasn’t enough to melt the frozen heart of the cold bureaucracy.

All jokes aside, the zoo decided her presence was making a bad situation even worse. Chita spends times when the park is closed alone, about 15 hours per day, because his affection for humans causes the rest of the troop to shun him.

Chita came to the park 30 years ago after being someone’s pet, making it difficult for him to integrate with his own kind. Sadly, animal experts believe his inability to relate to other primates may be a permanent condition after all this time.

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