‘Cloaked’ Beings Spotted in Las Vegas

(HorizonPost.com) – An expert in crime scene reconstruction claimed that a video filmed last year depicted at least two alien beings using some kind of cloaking device landing in a backyard in Las Vegas.

Scott Roder, an evidence specialist who has testified in high-profile criminal cases worldwide, watched the video footage filmed on April 30, 2023, frame-by-frame and concluded that it did show an alien using “some sort of cloaking device” moving into the top right corner of the camera frame and looking over the fence.

Roder, who gave expert testimony in the murder trial of South African Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius, said he used the same investigative principles he would use in a homicide in his review of the video footage and determined that the entities captured in the video were not fake and the footage was “not a fraud.”

Working with Extraterrestrial Reality podcaster Jim Quirk, Roder conducted a recreation of the scene depicted in the video.

Before the alleged alien encounter, body cam footage from the Las Vegas police showed a streak of light racing across the sky. At the same time, at least 21 people in Western states reported seeing a green glowing light. A short time later, Las Vegas resident Angel Kenmore called 911 and reported seeing a greenish-colored alien creature about eight to 10 feet tall standing in the backyard behind a forklift.

Kenmore posted a video of the encounter on YouTube showing the family reacting to something in the backyard and running away.

According to Scott Roder, what the Kenmores didn’t realize was there was a second possible creature behind the fence peering over the top.

In addition to the tall creature Kenmore claimed to see, Roder said there was another “visual anomaly” moving into the right corner of the camera frame just above the tall fence.

Critics argue that the “creature” was nothing but a shadow and debunked the video as either an overreaction on the part of the Kenmores or a hoax.

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