Health Expert Urges Monthly Leave For Females

( – A feminist who for years has called for employers to provide paid leave for women during their monthly period said in a recent interview that employers should offer three days off to both men and women that female employees could then use to accommodate their menstrual cycles.

Mindy Peltz, a chiropractor who has made women’s health issues her niche, appeared on The Diary of CEO podcast with host Steven Bartlett last week where they discussed the ways employers could adjust work schedules to accommodate a woman’s period.

Peltz suggested that employers should offer workers three days off each month with “no questions asked,” allowing women to take the days whenever they wanted to.

She added that the “most fair” way to do it would be to give three days off to both male and female employees to be used however they want.

Peltz, the author of The Menopause Reset, said menstruating women should use their three days off a week before they start their period as a way to “support hormonal health.” She explained that when they return to work, the women would “be an ever better version” of themselves.

Peltz said in the week before menstruating begins, women experience stress, with the feeling that “everything is crashing down on you” and “coming from all different angles.” She explained that by taking three days before their period begins, women could take the time to “nurture” themselves, explaining that it would benefit their “hormonal health.”

Women who push through that part of their menstrual cycle without taking time off are “destroying their hormonal system,” the chiropractor said.

She explained on day 25 of the menstrual cycle, a woman’s energy is down and she may experience cramps, irritability, and brain fog. She suggested that women needed to “nurture” themselves on day 25 so they could “show up tomorrow a better person.”

Peltz later suggested that women should not fast on the week before their period because their glucose levels should be higher at that time.

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