Illinois Senator Durbin Has Hip Replacement Surgery

( – Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is recovering from hip replacement surgery in his Illinois home before his doctor clears him to travel to Washington, according to Durbin’s office. The surgery on the senator’s hip was carried out at a medical center linked to RUSH University in the Oak Brook suburbs, according to his office.

Durbin expressed his gratitude to RUSH university’s medical staff and called the operation a success. He said he looked forward to recovering fully and climbing the Capitol steps as soon as possible. Durbin previously had knee replacement surgery on his left knee in October 2023 in the same medical center.

Durbin, the 2nd-highest Democratic senator, was voted into the Senate in 1996. The senator chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republican senators blasted Durbin in November 2023 when he blocked the GOP senators on the committee from discussing two judicial nominees before roll call votes.

After an upside-down flag was flown outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Durbin asked Alito to excuse himself from any cases linked to the 2020 election and the January 6 Capitol riots. The upside-down flag symbol was linked to the “Stop the Seal” movement that considered Biden’s 2020 election victory illegitimate. Alito claimed that his wife was responsible for the flag being displayed upside-down outside the home.

Durbin commented on the controversy surrounding Alito, stating that the Supreme Court was obligated to uphold the highest ethical standards. He stressed the need for the court to regain trust after it was in a crisis “of its own making” thanks to Alito. Durbin stated in May that he did not plan to investigate Alito over the flag incident.

Other health issues faced by Durbin include a heart procedure that he underwent in 2017 and a tumor that was discovered in his stomach in 2010. The tumor was considered benign and noncancerous. The Senate is not in session following the senator’s operation, and it will resume after the July 4 weekend.

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