J6 Committee Legitimacy Challenged by New Resolution

(HorizonPost.com) – Missouri Republican Rep. Eric Burlison on June 18 introduced a resolution that would effectively delegitimize the subpoena authority of the former January 6 select committee.

Burlison’s resolution would rescind the subpoenas the committee issued to podcaster Steve Bannon, former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, former trade advisor Peter Navarro, and former White House aide Daniel Scavino.

By rescinding the subpoenas, the recommendations made by Congress for the Justice Department to bring charges of contempt of Congress against the four men would be withdrawn.

In a June 18 press release announcing the resolution, Rep. Burlinson said it was “past time” for the House to “begin undoing the harm” caused by the January 6 committee, which he described as “nothing more than a political witch hunt” aimed at placing the blame for the Capitol riot on Donald Trump and his advisors while influencing the 2022 Midterms as well as the upcoming presidential election.

Burlison called the committee “legally deficient” and said it was “more focused on producing made-for-TV hearings than following House rules.”

He argued that the subpoenas issued were not legally sufficient and must be rescinded and the resulting contempt of Congress referrals made by the House based on the subpoenas “should be withdrawn.”

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, who posted a copy of the resolution on social media, called on the House to approve the resolution, saying in the press release that it would be an “effective and needed repudiation of the sham January 6th committee.

Virginia Rep. Bob Good, whose primary remains too close to call after Donald Trump endorsed his opponent over Good’s support for Ron DeSantis, described the Jan. 6 committee as a “total sham” and a “desperate attempt” by Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans to target the former president and his advisors.

The resolution has more than two dozen cosponsors.

In March, Republicans from the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight released a report that accused the January 6 committee of withholding from the public witness transcripts that would have undermined many of the committee’s more explosive claims.

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