Jon Stewart Calls Out Corporate Greed

( – “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Monday criticized Americans for working themselves into a lather over whether or not US corporations were celebrating Pride Month, suggesting that corporate America was exploiting the “struggle” for gay rights for financial gain.

In his opening monologue, Stewart gave a nod to the start of this year’s Pride Month, which he described as the “time of year” when multinational corporations get together to “financially exploit” the struggle for gay equality and acceptance.

Stewart mocked several of the ad campaigns corporations plan to launch during this year’s Pride Month and asked why Americans allow themselves “to get worked up” over whether or not giant corporations are supporting Pride Month or “have traditional American values.”

He noted that multinational corporations have only one value, namely “shareholder value.”

Stewart explained that corporations do nothing that doesn’t serve their bottom line and suggested that Americans should stop believing that a giant corporation cares about Pride Month or could be “patriotic or unpatriotic.”

He suggested that giant corporations should be true to what they are: “profit-seeking, Patrick Bateman psychopaths.” He said at least then, Americans “might finally get some honesty.”

Stewart also gave a shout-out to long-time “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak who is retiring after 41 years as the host of the popular evening game show.

“The Daily Show” host suggested that Sajak may want to follow in his footsteps and agree to continue hosting the show just on Mondays.

Sajak confirmed last year in a post on Twitter that the 2023-2024 season would be his last.

Sajak, who had been the host of “Wheel of Fortune” since it was first syndicated in 1983, signed off for the last time on Friday, June 7, saying that it was a privilege and an honor to host the show he described as “a safe place for family fun.”

Sony Pictures Television announced that Ryan Seacrest would be taking Sajak’s place when the new season begins in September.

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