Joy Reid’s Trump Rant Hits New Derangement Levels

( – MSNBC’s far-left host Joy Reid last week blasted Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts for his proposed Project 2025 public agenda, calling him a “coward” for threatening a second American Revolution.

Project 2025 has been linked to Donald Trump, despite the former president disavowing it and the Heritage Foundation insisting that it was not tied to any specific presidential candidate.

The plan, which includes outlines for expanding presidential power and ridding the federal bureaucracy of partisan leftists, has been seized on by the Biden campaign as Trump’s blueprint for a second term in office.

However, in a Truth Social post last Friday, the former president insisted that he knew nothing about Project 2025 or who was “behind it.” He said he disagreed with much of the 922-page proposal and described some of its plans as “absolutely ridiculous and abysmal.”

During last Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Reid Out,” Joy Reid and her guest Sherrilyn Ifill responded to a recent interview Kevin Roberts gave on the War Room podcast, in which he said the country was “in the process of a second American Revolution” that would “remain bloodless” as long as the “left allows it to be.”

Later in the interview, Roberts also mocked the “anchors at MSNBC,” whom he said were “losing their minds daily.”

Reid accused Roberts of issuing “a violent threat against Americans.”

She noted that Roberts would not be doing the violence, suggesting instead that he would be “at a country club” golfing while violent groups like the Proud Boys “do the actual dirty work.”

Reid said she took his comments “as a declaration of war.”

Ifill agreed, telling Joy Reid that “the gloves are off.” She said “they” are not afraid to express “their true intentions” and said what Roberts described what not an American Revolution by a second “Confederacy” that seeks to destroy the country.

In a statement last week, Roberts told the Associated Press that the second American Revolution that he described was about Americans taking power back “from the elites and despotic bureaucrats.”

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