Nevada Officials Sued to Purge Unusual Voter Registrations

( – The Public Interest Legal Foundation last month petitioned a Nevada court to order Washoe County to investigate and remove illegal voter registrations from their voter rolls.

PILF has been urging election officials in the state for years to remove commercial properties from the voter rolls. State law forbids people to list business addresses as their mailing address when registering to vote unless they reside in the same location.

Following a yearslong investigation, PILF determined that election clerks in larger counties like Clark and Washoe are not properly verifying the addresses on voter registration forms, nor are they correcting any errors or maintaining accurate voter rolls as Nevada law requires.

In its May 10 writ of mandamus, the Public Interest Legal Foundation submitted 48 commercial addresses currently on the voter rolls in Washoe County.

The PILF said in a May 20 press release that because the state automatically mails ballots to every registered voter, it was “essential” to ensure that the voter rolls are accurate so ballots are not mailed to addresses where nobody lives.

According to PILF Communications Director Lauren Bowman Bis, she personally visited addresses at which multiple Nevada residents are registered to vote which were parking lots, tattoo parlors, vacant lots, office buildings, restaurants, and massage parlors. At none of the locations was there evidence that anyone lived there.

In its press release, the group also included a video showing some of the Nevada locations used as addresses in the voter rolls.

Data from the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office confirms that more than 95,000 ballots mailed to registered voters in the 2022 midterm elections were either undeliverable or “bad” addresses.

In late May, the Washington law firm headed up by prominent Democrat attorney Marc Elias also filed a motion to intervene in the case urging the court not to order the voter rolls purged.

Elias, along with the Las Vegas law firm Bravo Schrager LLP, filed the motion on behalf of three groups in Nevada who claim that they would be harmed if the court granted PILF’s writ of mandamus.

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