Trump Informed That Obama And Biden Neglected Black Neighborhoods

( – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was in Detroit last weekend where he addressed Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention and separately held a roundtable discussion for black voters at the 180 Church on Detroit’s west side.

In conjunction with the roundtable meeting, the Trump campaign announced its “Black Americans for Trump” initiative in which it shared endorsements from various black politicians, athletes, faith leaders, and entertainers.

Among those endorsing Trump is former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who served time for racketeering and fraud but had his sentence commuted by the former president shortly before he left office.

While addressing the audience at the church, Trump accused President Joe Biden of being “the worst president” for black Americans. He argued that the president’s policies, particularly on immigration, have harmed the black community, adding that the flood of illegals allowed in the US were “invading your jobs.” He noted that under Biden’s policies, crime was “rampant” in black communities.

Senior Pastor Rev. Lorenzo Sewell, who said in an interview with the Detroit Free Press that he was staying neutral in the 2024 election, thanked Donald Trump for visiting his church and criticized President Biden and former President Obama for never coming “to the hood” to reach black voters. He noted that President Biden would only go to “the big NAACP dinner” and not “the hood.”

The Biden campaign has been running a full-court press trying to slow the bleeding as the president continues to lose support among black voters.

In response to Trump’s roundtable meeting, the Biden campaign released a statement from Detroit Pastor James Perkins who blasted Trump for having the audacity to “waltz into our city” and pretend he understood the struggles blacks in Detroit face. Perkins accused Trump of demonizing and insulting blacks every time he spoke to them and claimed that he made “empty promises” to the black community that he would not keep.

In the 2020 election, Biden won Wayne County by 38 points and received 94 percent of the black vote in Detroit.

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