Ward Clark Speaks Out on US Military and Shameful Response in Gaza

(HorizonPost.com) – The US Department of Defense on Monday denied social media reports that the IDF used the US-made floating pier in Gaza to stage its hostage rescue operation last weekend.

Among the false claims made following the daring operation that rescued four Israeli hostages abducted from the Nova festival on October 7 was the allegation that the IDF special forces entered Gaza from the US floating pier and arrived in Nuseirat riding on trucks disguised as humanitarian deliveries.

When the rumor first circulated on social media, US Central Command, which oversees operations in the region, posted a statement on X insisting that none of the equipment, personnel, or assets from the floating pier were used in the rescue operation.

CENTCOM said that the operation was staged from an “area south of the facility” and insisted that any claims that the temporary pier was used were “false.” It reiterated that the floating pier was only used to move “additional, urgently needed lifesaving assistance to Gaza.”

The statement prompted fierce blowback from conservatives, including US veteran Ward Clark who blasted US Central Command in a blog post at RedState saying the statement showed “weakness and indecision.”

In an off-camera press briefing on Monday, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder cited the “inaccurate social media allegations” and reiterated that the pier was not used in the June 8 operation.

He acknowledged that an IDF helicopter operated “near” the temporary pier but insisted that the equipment and personnel at the pier only supported the humanitarian effort and “had nothing to do” with Saturday’s hostage rescue operation.

Offloading of humanitarian aid resumed briefly on Saturday after the pier was out of service for ten days following repairs from damage sustained during rough seas. However, operations at the pier were temporarily suspended on Sunday and Monday due to bad conditions.

The UN has so far not resumed transporting the aid, saying all transport would remain suspended until the security situation can be thoroughly assessed to ensure the safety of UN staff and humanitarian aid workers.

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