AI Enhances Trump’s Speech, He Says

( – Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump last Thursday praised the “super geniuses” in Silicon Valley for the advances in artificial intelligence technology and boasted that they used AI-generated text to rewrite one of his speeches.

In an interview on professional wrestler Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast last week, Trump admitted that he found artificial intelligence both “incredible” and “alarming.”

He said that he met with some of the “super geniuses” in Silicon Valley to discuss AI technology and one of them offered to make Trump’s speech using AI. Trump said the guy took his speech and “15 seconds later” showed him the AI-generated text, which the former president said was “written so beautifully” that he decided he was going to use it.

Trump said AI created “the most beautiful writing” and suggested that one of the jobs the technology could replace was speech writing.

He said of the AI-generated speech that he had “never seen anything like it” written “so quickly.”

Trump said when he met with the tech guys in Silicon Valley, they also used AI to make a commercial of Trump promoting a product. He joked to Logan Paul that it was so convincing that he thought maybe he had forgotten making the commercial. He said the AI Trump’s voice was “perfect” with the lips moving “perfectly with every word.”

The former president admitted that the way the technology can impersonate people was “scary,” suggesting that an AI-generated president could announce that 13 nuclear missiles were heading to another country and would hit their targets in less than 13 minutes.

Trump told Logan Paul that he had discussed with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk about that very hypothetical, and he asked him if there would be any way China or Russia could tell if the voice was not real. He said that Musk told him there was no way.

He said if that was the case, China or Russia would have no choice but to launch a counterstrike, adding that such a scenario would make AI “dangerous.”

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