Charges Dropped Against Canadian Man Tasered at Protest

( – Prosecutors in Ottawa dropped the criminal charges against a man who was arrested at a march last October that was protesting against teaching the LGBT agenda in public schools.

According to a June 28 press release from The Democracy Fund, a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting constitutional rights, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charges of causing a disturbance and obstructing a peace officer against William Dalton for his role in the “1 Million March 4 Children” event October 2023.

Video footage of Dalton’s arrest, which went viral online, showed Ottawa police officers subduing him after firing a taser into his back. The man who filmed the video claimed that Dalton was not fighting the police when he was tasered, and said the officers also threatened to taser him for filming Dalton’s arrest.

According to The Democracy Fund, Dalton joined the march “to draw attention to recent significant changes in the public-school curriculum.”

The group represented Dalton after his arrest and said that it held multiple discussions with prosecutors and appeared at “numerous” court hearings on his behalf, which Dalton faced possible jail time. However, following negotiations with The Democracy Fund, the crown prosecution agreed to drop the charges against Dalton.

Attorney Adam Blake-Gallipeu, who represented Dalton on behalf of The Democracy Fund, said he was satisfied with the outcome of the case.

Blake-Gallipeau said Dalton was exercising his “Charter rights to peacefully assemble and express his views on current issues.”

The first “1 Million March 4 Children” held in September last year was organized by a group of Muslim parents who opposed schools exposing their children to gender ideology and inappropriate content related to the LGBT agenda.

Ottawa police arrested five individuals in the first march, including three who were charged with inciting hatred.

Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe condemned the September protest, claiming that it would “cause harm to youth” who are looking for “support and acceptance.” Sutcliffe asserted that he stood with the city’s “2SLGBTQIA+ community.”

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