Democrats Fear Biden’s Campaign Might Be Doomed

( – Some within the Democrat Party are beginning to question Joe Biden’s reelection chances as polling continues to show Donald Trump leading in battleground states while Biden loses ground among key voting blocs, including young voters and minorities.

For over a dozen party officials and Democrat operatives, the nagging worry has grown into full-blown fear as the campaign heads into the final stretch before the November election.

One Democrat operative in close contact with the Biden White House told Politico that no Democrat wants to be the one to say that the Biden campaign was doomed but the president’s consistently bad polling was causing a “freakout.”

The confidence over the Biden campaign’s fundraising lead hit a speed bump in April when the Trump campaign outstripped the president by $25 million, thanks in large part to the record-setting fundraising event in Palm Beach that raised more than $50 million.

One Democrat advisor gave potential donors over twenty reasons why the president could lose in November, including his advanced age, the crisis at the southern border, Kamala Harris’ widespread unpopularity, persistent inflation, and the presence of independent candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Critics of the Biden campaign’s approach say that while the campaign’s focus on abortion should be a winning issue in the General Election, they are hard-pressed to make the case for why Joe Biden would win.

Pete Giangreco, a Democrat strategist who has worked on several presidential campaigns told Politico that if voters are asked if their lives have been better under the three-and-a-half years Biden has been president or during Trump’s four years in office, “we lose that every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

The one person who doesn’t seem worried about the election is President Biden.

According to sources close to the campaign, Biden and many of his advisors do not believe the bad poll numbers.

Democrats who have spoken to Biden or members of his campaign say the president’s confidence that the polling is sincere and not just campaign spin.

The Biden campaign, along with the president, is convinced that the polling does not reflect the voters’ support for Biden’s presidency and sources said President Biden has insisted that he is well ahead of Trump heading into November regardless of what the polls may say.

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