Katie Ledecky Talks About The Paris Olympics, Doping Scandal

(HorizonPost.com) – Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss her new memoir, the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris, and the new details about the 2021 doping scandal involving nearly two dozen Chinese swimmers.

Ledecky won her first gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics when she was the youngest swimmer on the USA team and is gearing up for this summer’s Olympic games in Paris.

She discussed her upcoming memoir, “Just Add Water: My Swimming Life” with CBS’s Elaine Quinjano last Sunday and outlined her training routine as she prepares for the Paris Olympics.

In all, Ledecky has collected 10 Olympic medals, including seven gold medals. She holds the record for individual gold medals in women’s swimming. And given the recent revelations about China’s swim team, Ledecky could be poised to easily win another gold medal in Paris.

It was revealed in April that 23 swimmers on China’s team tested positive for trimetazidine (TMZ), a banned substance, just seven months before the 2021 Tokyo Games. The swimmers were never punished and were allowed to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, where some of them won medals, including three gold.

China claimed that the 23 swimmers accidentally ingested food containing TMZ while staying at a hotel in Shijiazhuang in the Hebei Province of China.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accepted China’s flimsy excuse and permitted the swimmers to compete in the Tokyo Games.

The revelations were met with outrage by worldwide athletic organizations who are demanding reforms in WADA. Meanwhile, USA Swimming’s Athletes’ Advisory Council and the Athletes’ Commission for Team USA wrote a letter to President Biden requesting an independent investigation into the doping scandal.

For her part, Ledecky said she wanted to “see some accountability” and get some answers for “why this happened the way it did.”

The Olympic swimmer also said steps needed to be taken so “we can regain some confidence in the global system.”

When asked if she thought the results of the Tokyo Olympics should be “rescinded” or “reexamined,” Ledecky called for an independent examination of the case and more transparency.

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