Tucker Carlson’s Views Just Reached A Historic High

(HorizonPost.com) – Last Tuesday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson posted the first installment of his new “Tucker on Twitter” show, and in the intervening week, the video has been viewed more than 115 million times.

And while Carlson’s first installment of “Tucker on Twitter” was a hit on the social media platform, corporate news media outlets including CBS News, CNN, the HuffPo, and the New York Times, all blasted Carlson for the first episode, mocking his makeshift set and accusing the former Fox News host of continuing to push “conspiracies theories.”

The traditional media was especially outraged over Carlson’s remarks on the recent collapse of the Kakhovka dam in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Framing his remarks as cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the breathless media outlets lambasted Carlson for attacking the media and American politicians who continue to defend US involvement in the war in Ukraine, which included some rather sarcastic comments about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Carlson also zeroed in on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom he described as America’s “shifty, dead-eyed” friend “in a tracksuit,” and suggested that Ukraine was responsible for the destruction of the Kakhovka dam.

During the 10-minute video, Carlson also brought up a recent interview with Air Force veteran David Grusch who claimed that the US government recovered an extraterrestrial craft that it is keeping secret. Carlson demanded to know why there has been so little coverage of Grusch’s allegation in the media.

Carlson closed his monologue by saying that we have been told that at Twitter “there are no gatekeepers here,” adding that if this isn’t true, he will leave.

But it wasn’t just the liberal media that was outraged by Carlson’s video. His former employer Fox News was none too happy about it either.

Axios reported last Wednesday, that Fox notified Carlson’s lawyers that he was in breach of his contract for airing the “Tucker on Twitter” video on Twitter.

However, Carlson’s attorney Bryan Freedman said in a statement that Carlson has every right to post a video on Twitter expressing his opinion and argued that any legal action from Fox infringes on Carlson’s freedom of speech.

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