Jewish Student Attacked In Yale Campus Protest

( – The Jewish editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press was covering the pro-Hamas protests on campus over the weekend when she was stabbed in the eye by a protester wielding a Palestinian flag, the New York Post reported.

In an April 22 column at The Free Press, Sahar Tartak said she and a friend went down to where the protesters had established an encampment on campus and quickly found themselves singled out by the crowd, likely because both of them were dressed like observant Jews.

No matter where they turned, the crowd obstructed their path, linking arms to prevent them from getting free. The protesters pushed and shoved Tartak and her friend, eventually separating the two.

The harassment and taunts continued until one man wearing a keffiyeh to conceal his face and waving a Palestinian flag, speared Tartak in the eye with the flag pole and ran off.

Tartak said when she attempted to go after her assailant, the other protesters blocked her path. She then went to the Yale campus police who offered very little assistance, explaining they were only permitted to have seven officers on site to handle the crowd of protesters.

Eventually, Tartak was checked over by an ambulance crew who advised her to go to the hospital.

In an interview with the New York Post, Tartak criticized Yale for not addressing the rising antisemitism on campus and doing nothing to crack down on the latest protest.

Officials from Yale told the Post that the campus police were investigating the assault.

Yale President Peter Salovey told the Post in a statement that he was aware of the “egregious behavior” from the protesters, including harassment, intimidation, and “other harmful acts.

Salovey said the university did not tolerate any threatening, intimidating, or harassing actions against members of the Jewish or Muslim community or other groups on campus. He said the campus police were investigating every report and the university would “take action when appropriate” including referring students for discipline.

The group Stop Antisemitism posted screen captures of Tartak’s assailant asking for help in identifying him.

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