AI Guided Artillery Demonstrate Truly Deadly Potential

( – China is using artificial intelligence to demonstrate the enhanced capabilities it provides to its military, according to Fox News. The communist regime has reportedly applied AI to improve its artillery accuracy and range, as well as its navigation, which in turn reduces its costs. 

Matt McInnis, a senior fellow for the Institute for the Study of War, told the outlet that artificial intelligence enables the military to better forecast conditions before launching its artillery. He added that anticipating the operational environment is a powerful tool of war. 

In 2022, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) boasted about their improved capabilities through the use of AI by demonstrating that their artillery could hit human-sized targets around 10 miles away. The accuracy of the artillery reportedly “exceeded expectations” and was able to hit a bullseye. 

McInnis also voiced the potential concern of automating AI in the decision-making process, adding that there is talk happening about whether or not the Chinese will keep an officer part of that process. 

China has already looked to AI for other applications, including its railway infrastructure. The regime is looking at AI robots to build its system, according to Fox News. Brian J. Cavanaugh, the senior vice president at American Global Strategies, cautioned that the United States must not stop competing with the CCP on advanced technology, lest it falls behind. But he added that China tends to “overbuild” and create challenges for itself so one should not be too enamored with its goals. 

After 2020, engineers reportedly moved away from laborers and toward robotic workers to complete tasks. In effect, this saw Yangqu Dam workers replaced by 3D printers, AI, and robots for construction. Engineers have also claimed that AI technology can produce robots with the skills of painting, welding, and laying tracks, which comes after 2018 when China unveiled automated workers that could lay 1.5 kilometers of tracks per day. 

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