NY DA Sandra Doorley Addresses Speeding Ticket Confrontation

(HorizonPost.com) – An upstate New York District Attorney released a video on Monday apologizing for an April incident caught on video in which she refused to immediately pull over while speeding and later berated the police officer who issued her a ticket.

In her video, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorely apologized to Webster Officer Cameron Crisafulli and said she would take disciplinary measures against herself for the April 22 incident. Doorely said her conduct failed “the standards that I hold myself to” and added that she took “full responsibility.”

Doorley’s apology comes after she faced multiple calls for her to step down after the footage from Officer Crisafulli’s body cam went viral on social media.

Doorley was driving twenty miles over the speed limit when Officer Crisafulli attempted to pull her over. Rather than complying, Doorley continued to her home a half mile away.

When the officer asked her why she didn’t pull over, Doorley said she didn’t want to stop on that road at 5:30 in the evening. After cursing at Crisfulli and flashing her District Attorney’s badge, Doorley called Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier and demanded that he tell Crisfulli to leave her alone.

Eventually, Doorley accepted the speeding ticket from the officer.

In a letter to New York Attorney General Letitia James last week, the members of the Rochester City Council called for an inquiry into Doorley’s behavior.

In the letter, the council members said her actions during the incident led them to “question her fitness to serve as District Attorney.” They argued that Doorley’s behavior undermined the integrity and credibility of the justice system and eroded “public trust.”

In her apology, Doorley said that April 22 had been a bad day, with the District Attorney’s Office facing three homicides from the weekend. She also said her husband had just received some concerning medical news.

At the same time, Doorley said none of that excused her behavior with Officer Crisfulli. She said the incident left her “humbled by my own stupidity” and added that she was “fully to blame.”

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