Billionaire Mark Cuban Launches Tax Attack On Trump

( – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban took a subtle dig at Donald Trump when revealing how much he owed the IRS in taxes for 2023, CBS News reported.

In a post on X on Sunday, Cuban responded to a request from an Outkick reporter asking if he or his corporations pay more than they have to so they could pay their “fair share.”

Cuban replied that he paid what he owed, adding that on Tax Day he would be wiring $288 million to the IRS. He said he was proud to pay his taxes each year because the US had done so much for him.

Cuban capped off his post by adding, “Tag a former president that you know doesn’t.”

However, on Tax Day, Cuban corrected the record, saying in another post on X that he got his final number wrong and the actual amount he owed to the IRS was $275.9 million.

He admitted that he didn’t expect all of his taxes “to be used wisely” but said he was still proud to “give back to our country.” Cuban explained that paying taxes “is the most patriotic thing we can do” after serving in the military.

According to Forbes, Cuban’s estimated worth is $5.4 billion.

In another April 14 post, Cuban warned his followers to be careful trying some schemes to avoid paying taxes, explaining that it wasn’t worth the risk of an audit.

While Cuban’s little dig at Trump was relatively harmless, it wasn’t the first time he has criticized the former president.

Last month, Cuban told Bloomberg News that he planned for Nikki Haley in the March 5 Texas primary. He also said if the General Election came down to a Biden-Trump rematch, he would vote for Biden, even if “he was being given last rites.”

Cuban later told Axios that he did not want “a snake oil salesperson” as president and would vote for Joe Biden “all day every day” over Trump.

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