How an Idaho Fraudster Infiltrated Trump’s Inner Circle

( – A former legislative lobbyist from Idaho who was banned from Mar-a-Lago for scamming Trump donors was sent a cease-and-desist letter in March after the Trump campaign discovered that he was still swindling donors.

Jesse Taylor, who now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, wormed his way into Trump’s inner circle and allegedly used his access to enrich himself, which eventually got him banned from all Trump-owned properties.

In mid-March, Dhillon Law Group attorney David Warrington notified Taylor that the Trump campaign was aware that he was continuing to solicit donations while portraying himself as working for the campaign.

The letter noted that Taylor was offering the donors an opportunity to pose for a picture with Donald Trump in exchange for a donation of $6,600, a promise Warrington said Taylor was “not authorized to make” and could not fulfill.

According to Warrington, the Trump campaign received none of the contributions solicited by Taylor.

Warrington reiterated that Taylor was not authorized to make offers on behalf of the Trump campaign, nor was he allowed to claim that he represented the campaign or was even “associated” with Trump, the Trump family, or the campaign – something Warrington said Taylor should know given his “ongoing ban” from properties owned by Trump and all Trump campaign events.

Warrington’s letter also called out Taylor for threatening to disclose “sensitive information” about members of the Trump campaign if they tried to stop his “unlawful activity.”

Warrington’s letter cited a series of federal laws and warned Taylor that his actions constituted fraud and extortion. He also noted that Taylor was misusing Trump’s name, likeness, and image to “swindle money” from Trump supporters.

The letter also cited other allegations made against Taylor, including promises of jobs in a possible Trump administration and communicating with foreign officials claiming to represent the former president.

The letter demanded that Taylor cease his fraudulent fundraising, return all the money he “wrongfully appropriated,” and retract his extortive threats.

Since receiving the letter, Taylor’s X account has been deactivated and the platform lists as no longer existing.

The 38-year-old Taylor denied the allegations, describing them as a “hit job,” and has vowed to “take steps to prove they are false.” He claimed that “three individuals” leveled the allegations as a way to ruin him.

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