Britain’s Response to King Charles’ Cancer

( – Buckingham Palace revealed on Monday that doctors detected cancer in His Majesty King Charles III while he was being treated for an enlarged prostate in late January, CBS News reported.

While the specifics of the diagnosis were not revealed, it was understood that the condition was not prostate cancer.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told the BBC on Tuesday that “like everyone else” he had been “shocked and sad” at the news and was thankful that the cancer was detected early.

In a post on X Monday, the prime minister wished Charles a “speedy recovery” and said he was sure the king would be “back to full strength in no time.”

The 75-year-old monarch had been discharged from the London Clinic last Monday after undergoing treatment for an enlarged prostate which Buckingham Palace said was not cancerous.

However, during treatment, doctors found a “separate issue of concern,” according to a statement from Buckingham Palace. Diagnostic tests later identified a type of cancer.

According to the statement, the king began “a schedule of regular treatments” that would require him to “postpone public-facing duties.” However, the king would continue with his usual office work and official business during treatment.

King Charles expressed his gratitude for the “swift intervention” of his medical team and remained “wholly positive” about his prognosis, the statement said.

According to the palace, the king made his diagnosis public both to “prevent speculation” and in hopes that it would “assist public understanding for all those around the world” who have been “affected by cancer.”

William, Prince of Wales, the next in line to the throne, was expected to return to his royal duties this week after taking time off following his wife Kate’s abdominal surgery, according to Kensington Palace.

The BBC reported that King Charles personally informed his immediate family about his diagnosis.

According to CBS News, sources confirmed that the King’s younger son Prince Harry was expected to travel to the UK in the coming days to see his father.

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