Iranian College Welcomes US Students Expelled for Anti-Israel Protests

( – The head of Shiraz University in Iran last week offered scholarships to students facing expulsion for participating in pro-Hamas demonstrations on American campuses.

Mohammad Moazzeni told Iranian state-run media that the students and professors “expelled or threatened with expulsion” would be welcome at Shiraz or other universities in Iran. He announced that Shiraz, which is located in Fars Province, would also offer scholarships to the expelled students.

More than 2,200 individuals have been arrested at campus protests nationwide in recent weeks as colleges and universities struggle to tamp down the harassment and intimidation of Jewish students and subsequent violence from protesters unlawfully trespassing on school grounds.

California Highway Patrol confirmed on Thursday morning that around 130 people were arrested on UCLA’s campus after police were called in on Wednesday to quell clashes between pro-Hamas and pro-Israel protesters.

Police gave repeated warnings to the more than 1,000 people gathered on the UCLA campus, ordering protesters to disperse or face arrest. Those who did not leave were arrested and campus workers then entered the encampment and hauled away the makeshift barrier and debris.

Meanwhile, NYPD has arrested around 300 people protesting on the Columbia University campus and the nearby City College.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams blamed the problem on “professionals” who are “radicalizing our children.”

After weeks of silence, President Biden finally addressed the campus violence, saying in remarks from the White House on Thursday that “order must prevail.”

Biden reiterated his support for “peaceful” protests but called out the trespassing, vandalism, threats, and intimidation, noting that these were “against the law.” He said “dissent” should never “lead to disorder” or deny other students their rights.

When asked if he would call in the National Guard to help control the violence, Biden said he would not. He also said the protests had not changed his position on the war in Gaza.

The White House has insisted that the violence on campuses was only caused by a small group of protesters.

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